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The Principality congratulates client Kirchhoff Professional Surveyors on 2016 BASA Award

The Principality would like to congratulate our client Kirchhoff Professional Surveyors on their 2016 Small Business Award from Business Arts South Africa (BASA).

These prestigious awards are given to local businesses and organisations that aid in the development and protection of the arts in South Africa.

The artwork supported by Kirchhoff, “Eland and Benko”, formed part of the 2015 Nirox Winter Sculpture Fair, and was largely also a science experiment involving the company’s surveyors, who took artist Hannelie Coetzee’s drawn vision and burnt it onto a piece of ground at the chosen site. A picture of the artwork can be found here.

Many South African corporates are staunch supporters of the arts, but it is far more rare to see small businesses allocate funds to arts development. The Principality is so proud to be associated with Kirchhoff Surveyors, and CEO Chris Kirchhoff, for sending the invaluable message that small businesses can make a difference.

We have worked closely with Kirchhoff Surveyors to develop their new website and Google Adwords, as well as work for sister company 5D Surveys. It is businesses such as these that will continue to take South Africa forward to a future where small businesses are a vital part of every aspect of our economy.

Read more about BASA.


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